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I write about various topics on this blog. Posts with the same topic can be found under the tags menu. There are currently two themes, investing and photography. They are reachable via the top menu.


ETF-variant 2023 Asset Allocation


The Vanguard mutual funds in my Vanguard 100 asset allocation may not be available for non-US investors. Here is an equivalent asset allocation consisted of exchange-traded funds (ETF’s).

2023 Asset Allocation


In mid 2000’s, I replaced the constituent funds in side the IFA 100 asset allocation with Vanguard index funds. At that time, Vanguard did not have an international small-cap index fund. Instead, I chose the Vanguard Developed Market Index Fund, which is an international large-cap style.

The glide path of asset allocation


An asset allocation is the percentage for each asset in a portfolio. Suppose a portfolio is investing for retirement, then as an investor’s age nears the retirement age, the percentages should be adjusted. This change over time is called the glide path of an asset allocation.